Tuesday 21 June 2022

EMSB schools excel at Robotics


The students at Lester B. Pearson High School were unstoppable at their 1st Robotics and Engineering Fair. For this process, the student teams had to find a day-to-day need for a robot to perform a needed task. Here is a bird’s eye view of just two student projects which described their robot engineered prototype and process.

§  Using Robots to Perform Lifting Tasks

§  Robotics Referee

At Lester B. Pearson High School, the Secondary IV students have an option course as an, Introduction to Robotics and Coding. This course has a more in-depth practical application process stemming from the Mathematics, Science & Technology curriculum. The main focus is on learning the basic concepts around design thinking, the engineering process and technology world. Among other concepts, this course offers the opportunity to approach multi-faceted team-based engineering designed projects with needed solution.


The students at Royal West Academy worked diligently towards the ARCANUM 2022 Competition, CRC Robotics. It was a stringent process with a radio-controlled and programmed robot. Even more, the students designed and built a very creative themed kiosk to house the robot and student workshop. Through this engineering design process was documented on a student-built website to showcase their robot complete process. This process also included a visual format in a video production tutorial. A very success competition year indeed as their project won them:

1st overall in the Video Competition 

1st overall in the Website Design

1st overall in Robot Programming 

3rd overall in the Video Tutorial

Westmount High School students have adopted the engineering design process as they prepared multiple faceted robots for their FIRST Robotics competitions. The students have been deepening their knowledge in text-based programming languages and exercising their building skills through their robot tech designs.  

NEWS FLASH! Next year, the school will grow their robotics program by implementing a Secondary III options course as an Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Robotics. The Robotics Lab will become increasingly more popular.

The RoboCup Québec Canada 2022 qualifications hosted students from Québec and Ontario based schools. The RoboCupJunior event received thirty-seven EMSB schools with Elementary and Secondary students. With a first-place win in each competition category, the secondary students have qualified to compete at the world event next year. The 2023 International RoboCup event will be held in Bordeaux, France. The International event consists of approximately 35 countries hosting close to 7,000 participants.

Youth Engagement Through Engineering (YETE) is a registered non-profit organisation aiming to engage young learners in social entrepreneurship awareness media through the engineering cycle, while increasing the students’ skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This online course introduces students to computer programming abilities in the Python language, always keeping a holistic problem-solving approach and an emergent topic solution-based approach such as climate change.

For the past two years, these Secondary III students at F.A.C.E High School who registered for the YETE course had the opportunity to collaborate with Facebook Montreal’s AI division. For Facebook’s (now called Meta) one-year anniversary event, these students and their teacher had the opportunity to collaborate on an activity with the managing director, research scientist, visiting researcher and Professor Joelle Pineau, Global Managing Director of AI Research Labs.

Research Labs

The YETE team is entirely comprised of current or former Engineering students from McGill and Concordia University. They are also working industry professionals in various fields such as at Meta AI, electric vehicle (EVs) industries, and finance. Next year, they are looking to offer their online program to additional schools

Balado CSEM 

La Robotique

Animé par Marlène Boudreault et Nicolas Doyon,

Conseillère pédagogique CSEM

 Entrevue avec les élèves dans l’apprentissage de la robotique :

  • ·         École primaire, Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
  • ·         École secondaire, Academié LaurenHill Junior

Vincent Massey Collegiate 

For the past four years, the students at Vincent Massey Collegiate have been working on a Carbon Free Car prototype. The engine is revving for the 2022-23 academic year.

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