Thursday 27 September 2012

EMSB Junior Robotics Winners

English Montreal School Board

 Elementary and Secondary

2012 Robotics Competitions Awards
Dance Category

Merton Carnival

Merton School*
Teacher: Lisa Triestino
Ben Loerick
Vanessa Iacampo
Alexandre Tememe
Noa Shuklinksky

  Gold Metal
NXT Robotic kit = $400

Search & Rescue

Merton Madness

Merton School*
Teacher: Lisa Triestino
Devon Bradshaw
Joshua Messer
Jordan Harte

  Gold Metal
NXT Robotic kit = $400

Double JZ

Vincent Massey Collegiate
Team mentor: Angelo Cianci
Zachariah Coté
Jordan Costinaro     
Johnny Interiano

• Gold Metal
NXT Robotic kit = $400

2-on-2 Soccer

Geek Squad

Elizabeth Ballantyne
Student mentors: Steven Dahdah
                      and Si Jia Li
Luka Beaudette-Nagai
Nicholas Dahdah
Elizabeth Van Den Hoogen
Sarah Newman-Zaloum

  Gold Metal
NXT Robotic kit = $400

Lemon Fire

Royal West Academy
Student mentor: Steven Dahdah
Max Chemtov
Zach Mitchell
Jehan Pharand
Owen Van-Esbroeck

• Gold Metal
NXT Robotic kit = $400

* Merton was also awarded the Junior Robotic Cup for the best overall performance at the 2012 competition.

CRC Robotics Secondary Competition

Rosemount Technology Center

Awarded for their game and sportsmanship.


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