Wednesday 9 May 2012

EMSB Press Release

Air quality testing for asbestos

MONTREAL, MAY 9, 2012   The English Montreal School Board has announced that John F. Kennedy High School and John F. Kennedy Business School in St. Michel will be closed for precautionary measures on May 10 and 11 while air quality testing is conducted in the building following the discovery of  traces of asbestos.

Approximately three weeks ago traces of asbestos were found in two ventilation rooms in the facility. Following the EMSB’s asbestos protocol, a firm which deals with the analysis and removal of this material was called in and it was removed.  Air quality testing following a removal of asbestos is usual and was done and the treated rooms were deemed safe. Further precautionary tests were then done in other parts of the building. Traces of asbestos were found and in order to be prudent, it was decided to close the building for two days to give the experts an opportunity to conduct air quality testing.

“Our board has previous experience in dealing with asbestos,” says EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “Our staff is vigilant and it is our position not to take any chances once it is discovered.  We will be working with Santé Publique and taking every precaution necessary before students and staff are allowed to return to the building.”

Ms. Mancini said the EMSB will have more to say once the testing is completed.


Michael J. Cohen
Communications and Marketing Specialist
English Montreal School Board
(514) 483-7200 ext. 7243


  1. if it was discovered 3 weeks ago, why not deal with it the? why wait until now to do it, knowing it can cause cancer, heart failure, etc...

  2. why only now close the school for clean up?


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