EMSB Adopts 2018-19 budget with $6.6 million in additional operating monies

EMSB BUDGET:  On June  27 the EMSB Council of Commissioners adopted a balanced budget for the   2018-2019 school year.  The Council is pleased to highlight that, according to the Budgetary Rules, the EMSB has included in next year’s budget, the equivalent of 15 percent of the adjusted June 30, 2017 accumulated surplus.  This will allow the board to benefit from an amount of close  $6.6 million in additional operating monies to support the educational projects in all EMSB schools and centres next year.   Approximately 20 percent of this amount ($1.3 million)  will be allocated directly to schools and centres to support local projects and initiatives. Another $1.5 million is invested in direct services to students, and $1.3 million will be allocated via the service departments of the board for various educational initiatives and to support various programs in partnership with the schools and centres.  The Board will be determining the most appropriate and effective use of the non-allocated amount of  $1.3 million at the beginning of the  2018-2019 academic year to further support schools and centres in their educational missions.

ROBOCUP: Over 4,000 humans and 5,000 robots from 35 countries gathered in Montreal for the 22nd RoboCup International Competition and Symposium at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from June 18 to June 21 (Competition) and June 22 (Symposium).   RoboCup is the world’s largest international competition for intelligent and autonomous robots. The RoboCup Federation and RoboCup communities worldwide inspire students from all ages and more importantly research to excel in the industries of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through robotics. It fosters talent in fully autonomous robotics, machine learning and every programming language. Both RoboCupJunior and Major competitors competed in the following leagues: Entertainment OnStage; CoSpace Simulation; Rescue; Soccer; Industrial; Manufacturing; Virtual Simulation; @Home; and @Work Logistics. The EMSB played a very prominent role in this year’s RoboCup International as an important event partner.  Five EMSB teams competed, with thousands of students who visited the site and attended professional development at the Innovation Summit during the week: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary and Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, Dalkeith Elementary in Anjou, Merton Elementary in Côte Saint-Luc and Cedarcrest Elementary in St. Laurent.  There were 12 Canadian teams competing in the International RoboCupJunior leagues and three RoboCup Major League teams. The EMSB’s Science, Technology and Robotics Consultant, Sara Iatauro served as the RoboCup International 2018 General Chair. Cedarcrest won the Team Spirit Award.

DIRECTOR OF MATERIAL RESOURCES: Mario Cardin (right) will succeed Daniel Hogue as Director of Material Resources. Mr. Hogue, who is also the project manager for the new Mackay Centre/Philip E. Layton complex in NDG, will be retiring soon.

DI FILIPPO MOVES ON: Luigi Di Filippo is leaving his post as Assistant Director of Educational and Technology Services to work for Bombardier.

DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL ORGANIZATION: Sandra Leveille, presently the
Sandra Leveille
Principal of St. Dorothy Elementary School in St. Michel, has been appointed as the new EMSB Director of School Organization. As such she will be responsible for the dossiers of BASE Daycare, registration, transportation and international students.

ENROLMENT: For the EMSB enrolment in the youth sector increased by 200 this year to 19,120. Projects for 2018-19 see that number growing to 19,550. There are more than 23,000 in the EMSB adult sector.

Jacques Rougeau and his championship belts at Hampstead School.
ROUGEAU AT HAMPSTEAD SCHOOL: Legendary former Quebec wrestler Jacques Rougeau brought his anti-bullying program to an English school for the first time on June 22. Rougeau was at Hampstead Elementary School on the last day of class where he delivered his message focusing on bullying, leadership, the importance of sports, staying in school and saying no to smoking and drugs. He has been visiting French schools for the past 18 years.  On Saturday night    August 18,  he will be presenting his very last family show entitled “Le Dernier Chapitre Père et Fils” and it will be taking place at  IGA Stadium in Montreal (Jarry Park).  The objective will be to help the youth by focusing on eliminating ``bullying`` in the schools of  Quebec.


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