EMSB Television and Radio Clips from first day of school

Here is some of the media coverage from the first day of school, 2015-16

Mackay Centre  on CTV

Mackay Centre -Emotional interview with a parent -CTV

First Day of School - Elizabeth Ballantyne- CTV

Mackay Centre to get new building- Global TV

CBC TV   -Mackay  Centre---- Fast Forward to 10:46 mark

CBC Radio Noon, 88.5 FM
Sam Schachter, a Grade 11 student at LaurenHill Academy (from Friday)

Marco Gagliardi, new Principal of Rosemount High School with Andrew Carter
Fast Forward to 19:33 mark
City's Breakfast Television Live at Royal Vale School


  1. I am really happy that the school has finally started the classes and my best wishes are with it to become an ideal institution for all the children studying there.


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