Links to some EMSB media coverage from the first day of class for 2014-2015


Live broadcast from St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe St. Charles

Opening up the show at St. Gabe's with Principal Jim Daskalakis and students
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Commissioner Richard Lalonde lauds the community
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 Out in the schoolyard with parent David Benoit and some fantastic kids
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 Pre- K students at St. Gabe's and Principal Jim
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Getting to know the Grade 2 class
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Day One of School and Ice Bucket Challenge
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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Should kids have homework?  CBC investigates at Roslyn School
Fast forward to 15:03 mark (move marker at the bottom near the time clock)
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CTV Montreal
Angela Mancini on budget cuts
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Angela Mancini and Sylvia Lo Bianco do the Ice Bucket Challenge
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Behavioral Management Specialist Lori Rubin on anxious times for kids
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The Andrew Carter  Show
Highlights from his live broadcast from Westmount Park Elementary School
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Listen to the opening number with John Moore talking about the school
Go to the 18:50 mark to hear a group of teachers talking to Andrew
Go to the 40:51 mark to hear Angela Mancini
Go to the 47:10 mark to hear former Principal Paul Saunders


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