JFK/JFKBC Update: January 2013 return now expected

Here is a memo from EMSB Director General Robert Stocker regarding the latest news on when sgtudents at John F. Kennedy High School and Business Centre can expect to return to their St. Michel facility:


Dear Parents and other Stakeholders,

Though the construction holidays and the concurrent EMSB shut down are upon us, the EMSB team has been working non-stop to try to move this project as quickly but as safely as possible.

In the last update, you may remember that we stated that a tender would be put on the SEAO on June 29
th with a July 16th closing. In fact, due to a small delay needed to prepare the tender, it was posted on July 2nd with a closing date of July 18th. We hoped that as stated in Update #3 that:

October 10th: Earliest date that the project will be completed. Should unforeseen problems arise the projected date of completion may be altered.

A work schedule of 6 weeks (plus 2 weeks for mobilisation) was envisioned to expedite the reintegration of staff and students back to the JFK facility. However, we did say that this was the earliest expected date. We also stated this timeline was dependent on having no unforeseen problems.

Six firms picked up the tender documents from the SEAO but only one firm bid on this project.

All legal protocol was followed to open this sole bid effectively on July 19, 2012.

This bid received from the firm for the amount of $5,555,900.00 (taxes included), was judged extraordinarily excessive with respect to the estimate prepared by the engineering firm mandated for this project.

The engineering firm was requested to repost this offering again on the SEAO (a second tender) upon the recommendation of administration and the Director General with the following changes which should generate more competitive and fair pricing:

This project has been put out to tender on July 20, 2012 with a closing date of August 20, 2012 (which includes construction holiday);


A 10 week work schedule was included versus our initial offering of 6 weeks (this change should alleviate the issue of available and qualified manpower for the contractors-Many potential contractors voiced concern that the original timeline was too tight and that the trained individuals who could carry out the work would be difficult to engage on the original timeline. You will also remember that we were trying to meet the request by parents and staff to return to the school as soon as possible by scheduling as tightly as possible).

Project to be completed no later than November 23, 2012;


November 23, 2012:
Earliest date that the project will be completed. Should unforeseen problems arise the projected date of completion may be altered.

January 7th, 2013: Student, staff of JFK High School and JFK Business Center will be able to conduct classes as normal if November 23rd date of completion is maintained.

We acknowledge that when we first met with you three days after the discovery of the asbestos, that at the time, our intention was to get you back into the facility before the start of the next school year. But as time progressed and we got more information from the experts it became clear that with the enormity of the task and with some of the unforeseen factors that it would not be possible. We are extremely disappointed that we could not get you ‘home’ for August as was our intention.

We continue to work tirelessly to have the facility ready as soon as possible. Until then, as promised we will keep you informed of any further developments as they occur.


R. A. Stocker

Director General



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